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Quality certifications:
IRAM 113.076 regulations include safety and performance requirements of a rubber flooring (hardness, indentation, abrasion, reaction to fire, etc.). The quality seal, IRAM 113 076, is a Certificate of conformity that is granted once the product, and its manufacturing process, have been audited and certified by a third party under that regulation. Indelval has been certified by IRAM, under this seal, for over 20 years, and is therefore subject to strict regular process controls, thus ensuring top quality products.

ISO 9001

IRAM - Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación (Argentine Normalization and Certification Institute) – has certified Indelval under standard IRAM-ISO 9001:2015 for design, manufacture and marketing of sanitary, conductive, commercial, sport and transport rubber flooring. This international standard specifies the requirements that apply to a quality management system, and endorses our capacity to provide, on a regular basis, products which meet customer's requirements by way of a continuing enhancement process. When you use Indelval protocols, you get experience and long-life quality.

IQNet is an International Certification Network. Based in Bern, Switzerland, since its inception in 1990, it has remained the greatest global network of certification organizations, with countless partners, offices and subsidiaries around the world. Through a co-certification process with IRAM, Indelval is certified by IQNet, and is thus vested with international credentials for global acknowledgment and access to world markets.