Installation auxiliaries
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auxiliares de instalacion

Installation auxiliaries.

Ensure perfect installation and best performance of rubber floorings with the following products:

Neoval Adhesive AD:
adhesivo Neoval AD

Double contact, cold cross-link polychloroprene rubber adhesive, in dark green and with great bonding power to stick rubber floorings.

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Neoval NL Leveling Layer:

capa niveladora Neoval NL

Made up of two compounds: one cement-based and another polymer-based, thus anchoring perfectly between the substrate and the rubber flooring. Its use is indispensable over most of the bases and provides a perfectly smooth and non-porous surface.

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Neoval Primer 1/10:

imprimacion Neoval 1/10
Concentrated polymer emulsion provides perfect anchoring between Neoval NL leveling layer and the existing base.

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