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Because small details make big projects.

Indelval installation accessories are the required supplement in every project where Indelval rubber floorings are used.

Neoval installation accessories have been specially designed for the installation of Indelval rubber floorings. Neoval's primer 1/10, leveling layer NL and adhesive AD, allow for a timely installation ensuring the best performance of the rubber flooring throughout its life cycle.

Indelval`s semi-sanitary skirting board is the best choice in flexible and inexpensive skirting boards for general purposes areas. Either for an office or a school room, it is the option of choice due to its fast and easy installation.

The profiles S-16 and S10 are profiles designed to complete and shape the skirting board in sanitary architectural works. Profile S16 grants support to the rubber flooring, shapes the sanitary skirting board and allows the covering to reach the desired height. Profile S10, was developed to complete the sanitary skirting board in order to prevent dust and dirt from building up in the thickness of the covering.

Indelval rubber floorings do not need to be always sealed because they do not contain volatile plasticizers which may cause dimensional stability problems after installation. However, the joint sealing may be used for sanitary reasons or decorative purposes with matching colors.